Somewhere, high up in the sky, the Mollusc God rises above his cloudy worktable. With an almighty sneeze, Snot is born.
The Mollusc God, unsatisfied with his work so far, squeezes and strains until a single snail shell is produced. The shell, brimming with hidden potential, sits proudly on the little gastropod's back.
Suddenly, in a puff of green smoke, a mysterious figure appears, and strikes the Mollusc God with a bolt of lightning.
The Mollusc God, stricken with rage, flies away on a rampage. An evil force has corrupted him! A shocked onlooker, the Freezy-WingSnail, jumps up and freezes Snot into a ball of ice- and just in time, too, as the evil Mollusc God swoops down from above, KOing the icy creature.
Snot tumbles through the clouds, safely plopping into the ocean.
All will soon be clear, little mollusc.