Many NPCs will appear in the game, all will have something interesting to say, some will give useful information, and most will talk complete silliness. Here are just a few...

The Prawn
The first character Snot will meet on his quest is the Prawn. Real name Penaeus Monodon, this eccentric crustacean discovers you washed up on a beach and urges you to help him find his "mate", who apparently joined a cult and wandered off in search for answers about the universe.

Gastro Podson
This is Gastro Podson. He is a wannabe. He loves the 8 sacred molluscs and tells you that each of the energy symbols that show up throughout the game was each created by an all-powerful holy mollusc. All 8 of the molluscs will reveal themselves during the adventure. He has himself tried to create his own type of energy, but it was rejected due to it being useless and smelly.
Podson energy
Ummmm... Hi. Have you heard of the 8 sacred molluscs?

One of the 8 sacred molluscs created by the Mollusc God. More will be revealed about these legendary characters soon...

King Fungus II
The self-appointed king of the mushrooms. He speaks with an ineffable tongue and teaches the ways of the Shroom Energy.
Transcend the boundaries of your imagination.

More npcs to come...