New Power
All of Snot's attacks can be powered up when he learns how to use the mystical elemental energy types. Apply these to his shells to allow him to carry many different kinds of weapons and utilities on his back, such as fireballs, light bulbs, magnets and even mushrooms! The energy can also affect your melee attacks and allow Snot to perform a variety of exciting abilities.

Light energy
This is just one type of elemental energy found throughout the game. Energy symbols can be used to customise your character in order to complete puzzles, defeat certain kinds of enemies, and open new areas to explore. They are collected regularly throughout the game, and can be applied to Snot in a variety of ways. Light Energy is discovered in world 1, and is the first one found in the game.
Falling from the sky in day-time worlds
Found in light-yellow mushrooms
Here you can see how it can be used:
1. Light energy + Snail Shell
This is the "Lightbulb Shell"! While Snot is wearing this shell, he will be able to navigate through dark areas much easier, as the bright light from the shell reveals secret passages found in dark caves and uncovers deep-sea treasures.

If he throws this shell, it explodes in a flash of light, brightening up the whole room! This also acts as a more powerful attack if it makes contact with an enemy.
Hey, who turned on the lights?!
2. Light energy + Conch Shell
This is the "Light-speed shell". Its effect is quite different: like all conch shells, it fires in a straight line as opposed to an arc. However, this shell moves so fast, you can't even see it move through the air!

Snot lines up an attack on a particularly speedy enemy...
...with sudden flash of light, the squid is KO'd!
No one can evade that bad thing!
3. Light energy + Snot
The energies can even power-up Snot himself, for a short amount of time! Light-powered Snot gains the following new abilities in this form:
His short-range melee attack turns into a laser-shooting attack
He gains solar power, and with this can allow plants to grow and bother cave-dwelling enemies

More examples
More of the different elements and their corresponding combinations will be revealed later... For now, enjoy these images: