The most athletic snail the world has ever seen... Snot runs, jumps, and beats the slime out of his enemies! Master the techniques on this page to become a true mollusc hero!

Defeat your enemies with close-range attacks or by throwing shells!
Close-range attacks can be aimed by controlling Snot's gaze, hitting any nearby enemies with his tail.

There are two kinds of shells:
Snail shells , which are fired in an arc, and Conch shells , which are fired in a straight line.
Each shell can only be used once - so aim carefully!

Psychic Flamingos
The Psychic Flamingos work in mysterious ways. They perform the following functions:
Save your game
Fully heal snot
Re-spawn enemies
Allow Snot to warp
If Snot chooses to warp, the Psychic Flamingos will direct him to a telepathic hub world where he can more easily travel between worlds.