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Tobias is the programmer, game designer and project leader, and Mikey is the creative director, pixel and concept artist. Meanwhile, Kuba is the financial and project manager guy, and Josh is our music composer.

Snot is expected to be released at the end of 2015. We think Steam is a great place to release it at first, as this is a good platform for communities. Also, updates will be easy to do there. But we will sell the game on our page, too, DRM-free of course. And the console versions will be in their appropriated shop.

Actually we don't know the exact details yet. We will test the game on different computers and tell you later. We're looking forward to make this game playable on all computers!

It's a game about inquisitive molluscs, majestic mushrooms and mind-blowing philosophical questions like "which came first, the chicken or the egg?"

This game is a metroidvania like no other - it's full of personality and is built around an unique game mechanic with transforming of character and his shells. We also believe that there is currently a gap in the market for games featuring molluscs.

This game will have 8 vast and diverse worlds, each with oodles of hidden secrets. It could take a very long time to complete the game 100%, we estimate at between 3 and 5 hours per world.

Some grow from the ground, and some fall out of the sky, while others rise from the grave or emerge from arcade machines... But many of them come from the ocean. Some even appear from alternate dimensions!

Hopefully, no. We have lots of awesome multiplayer ideas, but these are all stretch-goals on Kickstarter. If we get our bare minimum funding, then it will only be a single-player game, but we hope this will not be the case. Have a look at our Kickstarter page for more information on stretch goals!

Molluscs are a group of squishy invertebrates that includes squid, octopuses, cuttlefish, nautiluses, nudibranchs, slugs, oysters, chitons, mussels, clams, limpets, and most importantly, snails. Molluscs are amazing creatures, we love them, and we are sure you will learn to love molluscs soon too.

Snot is a boy AND a girl! Being a hermaphrodite is really handy. - It's also worth noting that every character in Snot is a hermaphrodite, but sometimes we may refer to them as "he" or "she" - just because it's easier sometimes.

You will have to play the game and find out.